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What You need to know about Blood Sugar Balance

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It’s the most profoundly effective nutritional strategy that there is for your health. Full stop, The end.

It’s important for your energy, your sleep, your mood, your menstrual cycle and your weight (loss and maintenance).

Once your blood sugar is balanced, everything in your body works better. When your blood sugar is out of balance, so are you. That’s because your body is lurching from blood sugar too high to blood sugar too low.

Both situations are emergencies for the human body. Emergencies are bad. Your body needs to deal with them QUICK. It does so with insulin and adrenalin, both hormones. Insulin means fat storage. Adrenalin means stress, irritability, worry, insomnia.

So when your blood sugar is out of whack, your body is either in fat storage or stress mode. Lurching between the two all day as a result of your food choices is draining too.

You’ve never heard of it, no-one ever talks about it, outside of nutritional and naturopathic circles. It’s the very first principle of healthy eating, but it’s never talked about – we seem to be distracted by superfoods and low fat.

Changing this cycle is simple. It’ll kick in within 7-10 days and is entirely dependant on your food choices. Your last food choice drives your next food choice. So if you choose ice-cream, you’ll be driven by your biology to choose something full of sugar and fat. If you choose salmon, brown rice and broccoli, you’ll get hungry and you’ll be able to make a healthy choice – you won’t be being driven by a blood sugar crash, which has led to your body going into survival mode and being filled with adrenalin while it screams at you for sugar, NOW!

No-one ever believes that they can be craving-free within 7-10 days. That’s what happens when you balance your blood sugar.

No-one can ever imagine how well they feel once they’ve been eating like this for a few weeks. They can’t imagine it because they’ve been dragging themselves though life feeling like crap from when they wake up in the morning til their first coffee kicks in, then from after the caffeine (and consequent blood sugar rush) leaves your system until the next sugary snack hits your blood sugar.

From the dehydration that causes palpitations and sweats and fatigue, from the nutritionally empty foods you’re eating 3-5 times a day, every day. And the wine.

They literally cannot imagine how it would feel to NOT have these feelings all day, every day.

Feeling truly healthy is more than a mere absence of disease – it’s an absence of feeling knackered, irritable, moody, at the mercy of your hormones, worried, anxious and overweight.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Since 2003, I have helped hundreds of people to feel this way, every day, and I can help you too. Book in for a FREE 30 minute call with me and start your journey to wellness today.


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