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6 things you can do about food intolerance in perimenopause

Are you suddenly intolerant to foods that used to be fine?

Feeling bloated, tired, skin conditions appearing out of nowhere? Don’t know what is safe to eat?

All you want is to eat really healthily, without worrying about foods making you feel rubbish, I get it.

Perimenopause is a long-term inflammatory state that can set off food intolerances, which are also inflammatory. A double whammy. Thanks perimenopause 😐

This is not the inflammation we see around wounds, but the ‘invisible’ kind that occurs in your gut and inside your cells. This is the kind of inflammation that underpins all chronic disease.

Being inflamed uses up a lot of your body’s resources. Limited resources like oxygen and other nutrients that would otherwise be used healing and nourishing your body.

So perimenopause uses up your body’s finite resources, which means you can’t cope with everything else for now.

Thanks perimenopause.

This is why inflammatory conditions like rosacea, joint pain, headaches, weight gain, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis appear or get worse at this time.

Recognise yourself here?

What you CAN do:

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet – a cross between the Mediterranean diet and a low carb diet

Eat plenty of olive oil and oily fish like aslmon ,mackerel, sardines

Avoid processed meats

Avoid sugar

Reduce stress (also inflammatory)

Move more (being sedentary is inflammatory too).

Want to know more about how I can help you with food intolerance AND perimenopause? Book a 15 minute Health & Hormone Check now and get the naturopathic perspective on what's happening with your health.

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